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Informatics and GIS Program

360 Visualization

Immersive Visualization

Geospatial web technologies have driven an exciting convergence of 360 imagery, web mapping, and interactivity. IGIS is exploring how geospatial data, 360 imagery, drones, and web GIS can be harnessed to produce rich immersive learning environments for extension and research support.

360 Cameras

Consumer grade 360 cameras are getting better in quality and dropping in price. We have been exploring the use of consumer grade 360 cameras to support extension and research activities.


Drone 360 Panoramas

There are two ways to produce aerial 360 photos from drones. You can mount a small 360 camera on your drone and set it to take photos on a timer. This works well but often requires a customized hardware because most drones are not designed to carry 360 cameras, and most 360 cameras are not designed to be flown on drones.

An alternate approach is to take a series of regular photos from a single position, and then use software to stitch them. Several flight management apps have panoramic data capture modes, including Hangar 360DronePan, Litchi, RCPano, and Okolo. Some of these apps provide image stitching services in the cloud, while others require the use of desktop software to do the stitching. They may also different in hardware support, and cost. Some newer drones like the Mavic Pro have a built-in Panorama mode and can even stitch the photos in the app.



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