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Panoramic Photos at Hopland REC

In collaboration with the Google Street View Camera Loan Program, IGIS is pilot-testing the use of 360 cameras for research and outreach on the Research and Extension Centers. Our goal is to see if and how 360-cameras can be useful in the research and extension programs on RECs. Examples include:

  • virtual reality tours of the natural beauty of RECS
  • panoramic photos of facilities for prospective visitors and researchers
  • panoramic photos of landscapes over time to show natural and managed change
  • panoramic photos around sensors, including camera traps and flux towers, to help interpret the data
  • virtual field days

Panoramic photos taken with equipment on loan from Google are available through Google Maps. Zoom into Hopland and click on the "Pegman" icon on the bottom toolbar to see the available images. These images can also be viewed on a smart phone inserted into a Virtual Reality viewer such as the Google Cardboard, using the Street View app.

Some samples are given below. For more information or to participate in the pilot program, please contact Andy Lyons or Shane Feirer.


Camera Trap, HREC

Viewshed of a camera trap

Landscape Connectivity, HREC

Ground truthing the results of a least-cost path GIS model for wildlife movement

Eucalyptus Grove/Grinnell Natural Area, UC Berkeley Campus

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