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Tag proliferation!

I've come to rely on this, my blog, for recalling important work related events, places, tools, and datasets. But, it is a bit unwieldy as a search engine. Perhaps it is delayed spring cleaning (ok, delayed like 12 years...), but I feel that have way too many tags on this blog, and it could do with a tidy-up. I started the blog back in 2006 (ok, I didn't start it, Ken-ichi did, back when he was a Kellylabber), and since then its been fair game as far as tags go. What to tag a post about "drones"? fine, why not also tag it as "UAVs"! Like old maps? Tag a post "cool old maps" and "history"! You get the pic. As of now I have 88 tags. My go-tos are: 

  • conferences: where I give my wrap-ups from meetings, and provide some perspective along with new software, data, etc. 
  • class: where I capture stuff for class; and 
  • data and software: where I tag new stuff I need to follow up on. 

So... from 88 I am going to move to 10. The core are "people", "data", and "tools", and there are a few more. They are: 

  • class: for all things class related; and conferences: keep up the wrap-ups!
  • the triad: people: all things collaboration related; data: obvi, from drones, to imagery, to mobile, to pics; tools: analytics and apps and all the rest;
  • the groupsgif: cool posts related to the gif; igis: cool posts related to IGIS; lab: for all the wonderful student work;
  • science: all the domains we focus on; and
  • meta: for all the culture about mapping: papers, literature, movies and music videos.

Wow. Hope it works. Now I have to reclass all the original 88 into their new homes. 

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 4:18 PM

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