University of California
Informatics and GIS Program

DroneCamp 2018

Dates: June 18, 2018 - June 21, 2018

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Sponsor: Informatics and GIS Program

Location: UC San Diego

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This three-day* intensive workshop covers everything you need to know to use drones for mapping, research, and land management, including:

  • Technology - the different types of drone and sensor hardware, costs and applications
  • Drone science - principles of photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Safety and regulations - learn to fly safely and legally, including tips on getting your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate
  • Mission planning - flight planning tools and principles for specific mission objectives
  • Flight operations - hands-on practice with both manual and programmed flights
  • Data processing - processing drone data into orthomosaics and 3D digital surface models; assessing quality control
  • Data analysis - techniques for analyzing drone data in GIS and remote sensing software
  • Visualization - create 3D models of your data
  • Latest trends - hear about new and upcoming developments in drone technology, data processing, and regulations 

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