ESRI UC 2020 - Virtually. Day 1

Jul 13, 2020

My usual update from ESRI UC is a bit tougher this year, since I am working from home, and on one screen. So note taking is a bit rough. And I kind of miss the whole razz-ma-tazz of Day 1 on site. But here goes:

OK, so Jack’s Plenary is the always place to get a big view of new releases in software. 2020 is no different. A sweep of the software improvements coming this summer. Here is my (very) quick summary of highlights. Items with ‘*’ are those that will be useful in class (I hope).

The Conference Theme is Collaboration

What’s coming in ArcGIS Pro and AGOL: 


  • New layers

  • Better integration with OSM*

Visualization (New Map Apps* - launching this fall):

  • Beta now in AGOL

  • Better styling, better color ramps, and better dynamic interaction with color ramp *

  • Dot density mapping!

  • Clustering and new labeling

  • Filtering data

  • Some cool color blending as an alternative to transparency! *

Cartography in Pro:

  • Charts 

Story Maps

  • Optimize for mobile

  • Collections

  • StoryTeller role

Spatial Analytics and Data Science

  • New suitability modeling tool *

  • Spider diagrams

  • Modeling

  • AI, Big Data, ML

  • Jupyter Notebooks inside of ArcGIS Pro *

  • AGOL implementing Jupyter Notebooks

Imagery and Remote Sensing

  • Image management - ready to use workflows and content

  • Feature extraction

  • Analytics - classification, etc. 

  • Something called “Excalibur” - web-based exploitation. Search and find, feature extraction, add to a database

  • Drone Mapping *

    • Drone2Map on desktop

    • Site Scan - cloud-based solutions

3D Mapping

  • Jack loves voxels

Real-time Analytics

  • Cloud-based sensor data storage and management

Data Management

  • Improving editing: 2D and 3D editing improvements *

Field Maps App

  • In beta, and should streamline things. 

And Enterprise runs on kubernetes…

All leading up to ArcGIS 2021 next year.

OK deep breath, off for a lunch break.