Informatics and GIS Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Program


What kind of projects does IGIS support?

  • GPS coordinates attained during research are mapped and basic analysis done to assist researcher’s project goals
  • Crop distribution maps for research AOI (area of interest)
  • Map of cattle processing facilities in the Sierra Nevada - data supplied by advisor
  • Map of water wells location, with water quality test results attached
  • Soils maps of AOI 
  • Consultation for project design
  • Help in acquisition of spatial data for research projects
  • Project-specific GIS training/tutorials 

What's the criteria for IGIS Service Center support?

  • Projects have potential division-wide impact
  • Projects concentrate on geospatial and/or databases
  • Projects are within the current scope of IGIS staffing resources
  • Data derived may be shared with IGIS repository
  • Projects that meet specific PI research goals (and do not have
    division-wide impact) should have funding available for recharge
    to IGIS Service Center
  • Projects should be novel and not redundant with existing efforts 

What are the IGIS services provided?

  • Custom map making
  • GIS consultation
  • GIS and spatial analysis support
  • Remote sensing/image processing support
  • GPS technical support
  • Online GIS map making
  • Mobile application support

What's the IGIS Service Center Request intake process?

  1. Complete the Service Center Request form
    Please note all fields with * are required.

  2. Initial review
    Within 1 business day of receiving the request, a review will be conducted by an IGIS Service Center team member to determine the feasibility of the request in regard to the criteria highlight above.

  3. Requirements Interview
    If the project is accepted, an IGIS Service Center team member will contact the requester to fully discuss the project details to define the roles, requirements, expectations and timelines anticipated to fulfill the project goals.

  4. Assembly of Materials
    The IGIS Service Center will request all materials necessary from the requestor to complete the project. Projects will not be scheduled until all materials have been assembled.

  5. Scheduling of Resources
    Once all materials have been assembled, an IGIS Service Center team member will provide a schedule. An Agreement of Work to be Performed will be provided detailing the resources, expectations and timeline for the completion of the project.

  6. Project Review
    Post project assessment to determine the effectiveness of the request and resources applied to the success of the project.

Does the IGIS Service Center provide Consultation Services?

If you desire consultation services only use the Service Center Request form and as complete as possible, making sure to select the Consulting option in the Project Type section of the form.

How much does help from the IGIS Service Center cost?

If the GIS Service Center helps you with your project you will be billed based on our approved recharge rate.  The rate can be view at the following link.

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