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2016 Workshops

IGIS is pleased to report that in partnership with UC Berkeley's Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF), our training program continued the rapid pace that it started in 2015. In 2016 IGIS held 18 workshops in 11 different locations around the state, reaching a total of 256 participants (plus contributed to the GIF Bootcamp and gave 11 additional academic presentations).

Of this year’s participants, 15% were UC ANR Academics or AES faculty, 13% were UC staff members, 19% were UC students, 6% were from other governmental organizations (e.g. USDA, USFS) and 47% were public non-UC ANR associates (e.g. 4H, California Naturalists, ranchers associated with Cooperative Extension, etc.). Our core series of introductory workshops tailored for specific audiences, including GIS for crop agriculture, rangelands, and forestry, cell phone GPS and mobile data collection, remained popular. Meanwhile, in 2016 IGIS added workshops in data management, Google tools, online storymaps, and drone technology, regulations and data processing. The drone workshops in particular have been in high demand and have received some of the highest overall post-workshop evaluation scores of any of the training IGIS has yet offered

Please see the following map of workshops; as these venues will very likely host additional workshops in the future.  If you wish to request a particular workshop at a venue in your area, please contact Sean Hogan,, and we will try to accommodate your needs.



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