Sharing Digital Aerial Photogrammetry (DAP) Point Clouds with Potree

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Digital Aerial Photogrammetry (DAP), also known as 'Phodar', refers to a 3D point cloud derived from photogrammetric processing of aerial photos, such as those taken by a drone. The points in these clouds have been extracted from photos taken from different angles, so what looks like a surface is actually millions of little pieces from hundreds of photos.

This Tech Note describes options for sharing Phodar data online through interactive visualizations like the one below.

HREC Watershed I

Navigation: Zoom - mouse wheel. Rotate - drag with left mouse button. Pan - drag with right mouse button. Fly to an area - double-click.
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Location: Hopland REC, Watershed I. Date: January 16, 2017. Platform: DJI Inspire I. Sensor: Zenmuse X5. Num pts: 49 million.
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