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SAREP Solution Center

Client(s): Aubrey White

Request: Develop the Solution Center for Nutrient Management on the ANR website. The site is intended to be a portal of useful information about nutrient management aimed at growers, crop consultants and researchers. We are working with SAREP to develop a database that will contain a variety of publications and multimedia materials on the topic. These materials will include articles, fact sheets, powerpoint presentations, and videos. We'd like the database to be searchable by a variety of topics, and include summaries of materials, links to related publications, and potentially geospatial information to connect work to county or other location type.

Outcome: This was a highbred project between CSIT and IGIS. CSIT developed the database and application to work with the information from the client. IGIS built the spatial interfaces for the application.  The Solution Center for Nutrient Management can be viewed at:

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