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Packline Data Collection System

Client(s): Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell

Request: This is a highbred project between CSIT and IGIS. We will develop a system for storing and analyzing these important data gathered by the Lindcove Packline. CSIT will develop the database and application to work with the information from the client. IGIS will build the spatial interface and the spatial data related to the fruit trees at Lindcove. These spatial data will allow for the analysis of the packline fruit quality data to be analyzed spatially in relation to other data available at Lindcove.

Status:  CSIT is currently working with the client to understand the packline process and data products and they are developing the database structure. IGIS has created spatial representations of the citrus trees at Lindcove and other spatial data that can be used in this analysis. The citrus tree data can be viewed at:

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