Esri Software

UCANR maintains a system-wide site license agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) that is paid for and managed by UCANR for the benefit of the entire UCANR network. The site license gives the UCANR unlimited number of seats of ESRI software for teaching, research, or administrative purposes.

License Requirements

These programs are for installation on UCANR-owned computers only. Programs provided under this agreement are to be used only for instructional, research, and administrative purposes. Use of the licensed programs for profit, private gain, or other commercial use is prohibited.

ArcGIS Pro - Esri's latest desktop GIS application, includes named user on ArcGIS Online for organizations.
ArcGIS Online - Esri's cloud-based GIS and web mapping platform, required for ArcGIS Pro.

Other Software

IGIS also offers Pix4D and ENVI for photogrammetry and image analysis. For more information please contact us.

Pix4D - Photogrammetry software for drone mapping.
ENVI - Image analysis software.

Instructions for signing up  to ArcGIS Online and for downloading ArcGIS Pro (these instructions will only work for UCANR Staff and Academics)

* If you received an account from IGIS in the past, you can continue to use your old account instead of single sign on SSO.  If you want to use SSO instead, sign in using SSO and contact IGIS to transfer your items to your new account.

To get an account on ArcGIS Online, a license for ArcGIS Pro, and the download for ArcGIS Pro do the following.  We have integrated the UCANR Single Sign On (SSO) system into our instance of Arcgis Online.  This allows ANR Staff and Academics to get access to both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro.  You can login into ArcGIS Online by going to: and click on sign in (in the upper right corner).  You will be taken to a sign in page (shown below), click on the UCANR button and sign in using your UCANR SSO credentials.  About using the apps you should be able to login using


You will than have an account created on ArcGIS Online and you will be allocated a license to ArcGIS Pro.  You can download ArcGIS Pro from with ArcGIS Online by going to the following page: and choosing Licenses on the left hand side of the page (shown below)


Once on the Licenses page scroll down the list of licensed software until you see download ArcGIS Pro.  Download the installation file and then install the software.