Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Program


IGIS is a new ANR Program established in 2012 to provide GIS support, software, data and training to ANR.

Click here for more information on the components of IGIS: Training, ANR-Flux, InfoBase & Service Center.

Click here for upcoming IGIS training workshops.

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UCANR Locations

UCANR Locations

This web mapping application was developed to allow the user to locate the UC ANR Research and Extension Centers and Cooperative Extension offices found around California.  You use the tools on the top of the mapping application to zoom to an individual REC, to display the legend, to turn layers on and off, print the current display to a pdf or jog, and search for address.

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Developments in Image Processing for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)
Posted 4/29/2016 - There are so many exciting new developments happening in respect to drones within the University of California system it is hard to know where to start.  The FAA has granted the UC both a blanket Exemption 333 and a Certificate of Authorization...

Wrap up on the Hopland Bioblitz 2016
Posted 4/25/2016 - This text excerpted from the Hopland Newsletter: Over 70 scientists and naturalists descended upon HREC from  April 8-10th in our first Hopland Bioblitz. During the weekend over 400 species from the recently discovered blind silverfish to...

Another rad lidar music video
Posted 4/24/2016 - From NZ no less. 

Wall-E was right
Posted 4/20/2016 - Used in my MDP lecture today, and so posting so I can find it easily later! Great web app for viewing current satellite orbits.  More detailed info here:...

NASA Just Opened Up Access To 2.95 Million Images Of Earth
Posted 4/18/2016 - For those who work with remotely sensed data of is you like looking at images from space NASA has just game you many images to look at.  NASA just released almost 3 million images of the earth taken by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal...

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