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Maps and data are central to ANR's research and extension mission. The IGIS Statewide Program supports ANR by providing support for GIS training, mapping tools, spatial data science, and the latest technologies for data collection, analysis, and visualization. Our goal is to ensure that all ANR local and statewide programs have the capacity to use the latest geospatial tools and science for all aspects of their outreach, extension, and research activities...  Read more



The GIS Service Center provides GIS and mapping services to projects across the ANR Network.  These projects range from custom cartography, GIS and spatial analysis, Web mapping, Mobile Application Development, and GIS consultation.  For more information please follow the following links.


IGIS Service Center Request Intake Process... Read FAQ

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Please use the following form to request assistance from the IGIS Service Center... Request Help


List of current and past IGIS Service Center Projects... See list of Projects


We offer a variety of hands-on workshops throughout California on GIS, web mapping, remote sensing, GPS and drone mapping. These workshops are tailored to the interests of ANR staff and their collaborators, and represent a shared effort between IGIS and the UC Berkeley Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF). Follow-up support is available through our online office hours and online training resources.


Research drones provide an unparalleled ability to create high resolution maps of vegetation cover, including the three-dimensional structure and chemical properties invisible to the naked eye. We use quad-copter drones and multi-spectral cameras to map crop health, surface hydrology, canopy structure, and a host of other applications. In addition to training, we offer drone mapping services to ANR staff and their collaborators. Read more.

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IGIS Developed "Wild Pig App" in the news!


IGIS is in the news for the development and release of the Wild Pig Damage App!  The app was recently higlighted by Julia Mitric, Food And Sustainability Reporter with Capital Public...

Putting Winter Break to Good Use with Online GIS Training

For many people, the winter holidays are a good time to catch up on things that you've put off the entire year - that article you've been working on since last summer, your merit and promotion package, and taking your GIS skills to the next level!...

New GPS/GLONASS Base Station installed on UC Berkeley campus. Happy geo-locationing!

California Surveying and Drafting recently installed a GPS/GLONASS base station antenna on McCone Hall and to reciprocate they’re allowing Berkeley researchers to use the real-time correction signal for free. This could be useful for anyone doing...

IGIS Introduces Online Office Hours

IGIS is pleased to announce the introduction of online office hours for all ANR staff and IGIS workshop participants. Every Monday from 4-5 pm, we'll be available on Zoom eager to discuss all things GIS. This is a great way to get quick feedback on...

Sonoma County Vegetation Map Project using historical Soil Veg maps

Nice post from Mark Tuckman regarding the use of the recently digitized historical Soil-Vegetation maps from Sonoma County. Great story map too! 

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