Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Program


IGIS is a new ANR Program established in 2012 to provide GIS support, software, data and training to ANR.

Click here for more information on the components of IGIS: Training, ANR-Flux, InfoBase & Service Center.

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IGIS Project Gallery

Marin Gardens

Marin Gardens

IGIS has been working with Lauren Klein, Community Garden Program Coordinator at UCCE Marin County, to develop an interactive web mapping tool for community gardens in Marin County. In addition to the public-facing site which displays the locations of the various types of community gardens in Marin County, there is also a protected site for approved users to enter new garden sites to the database.

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Wow! New world view Chrome plugin
Posted 5/12/2015 - Kelly turned us on to this plugin from Google. Each time you get a new tab on your browser, you get treated to a new picture of the earth! But, check this one out:  From Drebkau, Germany. I have no idea what tihs is an image of - I think it is...

Where are UCANR Staff and Academics Located?
Posted 5/5/2015 - Visualization of UCANR Staff / Academics Have you ever wanted to locate staff and/or academics within UCANR? I know that I have. Within the last year, IGIS worked to create an interactive map that displays staff and/or academics by their spatial...

Governor Brown's new Executive Order, issued today is a banner day for our climate change efforts
Posted 4/29/2015 - From Bruce Riordan, at the Climate Readiness Institute.  Bay Area Climate Stakeholders: Governor Brown's new Executive Order, issued today is a banner day for our climate change efforts.  1. The Executive Order sets a new interim goal for...

Kelly Lab SPUR Students Visit Point Reyes National Seashore
Posted 4/27/2015 -

AAG wrap up 2015
Posted 4/24/2015 - Photo from Frank Kehren, Flickr Creative Commons LicenseI focused on a series of CyberGIS sessions at AAG this year. This was partly to better situate our spatial data science ideas within the  terminology and discipline of Geography, and partly to...

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