Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Program


IGIS is a new ANR Program established in 2012 to provide GIS support, software, data and training to ANR.

Click here for more information on the components of IGIS: Training, ANR-Flux, InfoBase & Service Center.

Click here for upcoming IGIS training workshops.

IGIS Project Gallery

REC Mapper

REC Mapper

This web mapping application was developed to allow the user to easily navigate to the nine Research and Extension Centers found around California.  You use the tools on the top of the mapping application to zoom to an individual REC, to display the legend, to turn layers on and off, print the current display to a pdf or jpg, and search for address.

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Hold the date! January 15th for a workshop on Open Tools with ESRI
Posted 11/29/2015 - More information coming soon.  On January 15th we will hold a full day free workshop on Open Mapping Tools using ESRI. 

IGIS creates California bioregion maps
Posted 11/20/2015 - What are "Bioregions"?  Bioregions are an area bounded by natural rather than artificial borders that has characteristic flora and fauna and includes one or more ecosystems.  IGIS worked with the the California Naturalist Program...

Upcoming FREE GIF workshops
Posted 11/13/2015 - The GIF is highlighting 2 brand new workshops in the upcoming weeks. Because these are the first time we've done these sessions, I'm happy to announce that we are offering them free of charge to UC Berkeley students, researchers, faculty, and staff. The...

California Economic Summit wrap-up
Posted 11/13/2015 - my wordle cloud on topics commonly discussed at the summit I spent two days at the California Economic Summit, held this year in Ontario, heart of the "inland empire". I learned much about this region of the state that I know mostly as freeways...

National Park moved 150 miles to the east to take up role as suburban escape
Posted 11/10/2015 - Here is a funny response to a major map error on Google Maps, found last month. From BBC Wales: The gorgeous Brecon Beacons was erroneously positioned outside of downtown London. The technical error has...

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