Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
Informatics and GIS Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Program


IGIS is a new ANR Program established in 2012 to provide GIS support, software, data and training to ANR.

Click here for more information on the components of IGIS: Training, ANR-Flux, InfoBase & Service Center.

Click here for upcoming IGIS training workshops.

IGIS Project Gallery

Marin Gardens

Marin Gardens

IGIS has been working with Lauren Klein, Community Garden Program Coordinator at UCCE Marin County, to develop an interactive web mapping tool for community gardens in Marin County. In addition to the public-facing site which displays the locations of the various types of community gardens in Marin County, there is also a protected site for approved users to enter new garden sites to the database.

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SimplyMap & PolicyMap
Posted 4/8/2015 - Today I went to a great D-Lab Workshop on Demographic Mapping Tools.  Berkeley's GIS and Map Librarian, Susan Powell walked us through the use of several very easy to use mapping tools available through UC Berkeley.  Both are really great for...

New VTM retakes, this time from Heather
Posted 4/6/2015 - Plus sa change, plus sa la meme chose. Thanks to Heather Constable, who went out exploring near Morro Bay. Here is one of her retakes.  Date of original photo: Feb 25, 1936, taken in San Luis Obispo County, California, US. Looking north toward...

Big data, Landsat and earth science
Posted 4/3/2015 - Big Data Helps Scientists Dig Deeper: Supercomputing + 40 Years of Landsat Images = A New Era for Earth Science Very nice overview of how the Landsat archive has jump started new avenues in earth science, ecoinformatics, and public communication and...

California Water Use Map
Posted 4/2/2015 - In response to Gov. Jerry Brown's announcement yesterday, calling all California residents to reduce water use by 25%, the folks at the New York Times put togther a nice interactive map. The map shows residential water use in California in...

Mapping the Berkeley Boom: Social Media and Web Mapping Help Unravel a Mystery
Posted 4/1/2015 - Last night we heard the Berkeley Boom again.  We’ve been hearing this thunderous boom quite frequently in the last month here in Berkeley, but this one sounded bigger than most.  Car alarms went off on the street.  The dog...

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