Informatics and GIS Statewide Program
Informatics and GIS Statewide Program
Informatics and GIS Statewide Program
University of California
Informatics and GIS Statewide Program


IGIS is a new ANR Program established in 2012 to provide GIS support, software, data and training to ANR.

Click here for more information on the components of IGIS: Training, ANR-Flux, InfoBase & Service Center.

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UCANR Locations

UCANR Locations

This web mapping application was developed to allow the user to locate the UC ANR Research and Extension Centers and Cooperative Extension offices found around California.  You use the tools on the top of the mapping application to zoom to an individual REC, to display the legend, to turn layers on and off, print the current display to a pdf or jog, and search for address.

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King fire near Blodgett Forest Research Station
Posted 9/17/2014 - From UC Center for Forestry. 9/16 16:30 - The King Fire started the evening of September 13 east of Pollock Pines. On 9/15, it grew to 3,900 acres. By the morning of 9/16, it was over 11,000 acres and 5% contained.  As of the afternoon of the...

Meadow fire update, burning in Little Yosemite Valley
Posted 9/9/2014 - It's not yet on Inciweb, but the Meadow fire is burning near Yosemite, at the east of Little Yosemite Valley. They say: "This is not a CAL FIRE incident." Yosemite NP says as of today: "Meadow (37 42.738 x 119 30.541 – Mariposa Co., 7,870’,...

IGIS Welcomes Sean Hogan to the Team
Posted 9/9/2014 - Sean Hogan joined UCANR and IGIS on September 2, 2014 as an Academic Coordinator II, to provide IGIS analysis, coordination and support to the Informatics and Geographic Information Systems (IGIS) team to the meet the IGIS mission.  Sean has a...

Fall 2014 class ideas...
Posted 9/9/2014 - Here are the tag clouds from this year's GIS class: the why, how and what of our upcoming semester's projects. Word clouds from Wordle. The Why: what are the key problems class members want to focus on... The How: possible methods we will use... The...

New VTM reshot, from Tim Hanson
Posted 9/8/2014 - This one from Tim Hanson. The caption from the photos (286747. 286748, 286749, 286750) reads: "Butte County. Panorama looking SW, S. SE and E from Neal Road. Note Juniperus californica in ravine. Woodland grass type of blue oak and digger pines with...

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