California Climate Data - The next version of the Basin Characterization Model is coming soon!

May 29, 2014

The California Climate Commons ( will be hosting a new version of the California Basin Characterization Model, sometimes called the BCM or Flint data (after the modelers, Lorraine and Alan Flint).  The new version of the BCM is currently being processed and is planned to be hosted by California Climate Commons in the next month. Lorraine Flint discusses what's new in this dataset in the following Forum.   California Climate Commons will be hosting the California model outputs initially and a Nevada dataset will be added later this year. This new dataset features 18 modeled futures; you can read the California Climate Commons article called "Why So Many Climate Models?" to find out more about them as well as learn about how to work with the large number of climate models that are available. 

By Shane Feirer
Author - Geographic Information Systems - Supervisor II