ESRI User Conference 2023 – Day 1

Jul 10, 2023

The first day of the ESRI User Conference was a good day of new technologies and good stories of Conservation and GIS.  There were approximately 18,000 attendees in San Diego for the Conference with an additional 10,000 attending virtually.


Jack Dangermond and ESRI highlighted their new offerings like ArcGIS Reality that allows users to generate a digital twin of at scale from buildings, cities, to entire countries.  ESRI has also released new story map templates (the brief, e-magazine) and theme and text enhancements.  They have built in new enhancements to the ArcGIS Dashboards, these enhancements include better mobile support and additional support of Arcade.

There have been considerable investment in enhancing Spatial Analysis and Data Science, these included:

  • 60+ New Tools
  • GeoAI Models (Deep Learning)
  • Analysis in the Map Viewer
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Multivariate Indexing
  • Pie and Donut Charts
  • Big Data Tools

I am looking forward to learning more about the enhancements in the coming days.

Beyond ArcGIS Online and its apps, ESRI highlighted its work on integrating the ArcGIS Mapping system into Office 365 applications.  Users of Office 365 can now easy map data in spreadsheets, in teams, sharepoint these new tools.  This could bring more mapping technology to UCANR Academics and Staff.

By Shane T Feirer
Author - Geographic Information Systems - Supervisor II