IGIS Servers Migrating to New Data Center Week of Jan 22

Jan 18, 2024

IGIS is pleased to share that beginning January 22, our servers will be migrating to the new data center near Sacramento. As part of the move, our equipment is being upgraded to a more stable and secure platforms. This initiative is a continuation of the UCANR systems upgrade initiated that has been in the works for months and was initiated in December of last year. The goal is to further optimize our infrastructure to provide you with improved services and performance. We are tremendously grateful and applaud the hard work of CSIT and the vision of our CSIT Sree Mada for spearheading this change.

The process is expected to take a week. Unfortunately, many of the websites and mapping services we host will be offline during this period. Impacted sites and services include:

  • IGIS Website (custom scripts, content, and styles)




We apologize for this temporary disruption, but rest assured our team is dedicated to minimizing any disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition. For any questions or concerns, please contact IGIS Service Center Head Shane Feirer


By Shane T Feirer
Author - Geographic Information Systems - Supervisor II