Drone Data Management Tool: Using Jupyter Notebook inside of ArcGIS Pro


This brief tutorial describes how to quickly and easily run a Jupyter Notebook python script from within ArcGIS pro.  Being familiar with this added notebook functionality can be valuable in its self; however, you may also find that this script can serve as an excellent data management tool for systematically organizing your drone project files.


  1. Download IGIS's Drone Data Directory Creator Script by clicking Here, and save it to a file directory location of your liking on your computer (remember where, you will need this file in a couple minutes)

  2. Open ArcGIS Pro

  3. Create a New -> Map

  4. Set your project location and file name as you desire, and click OK

  5. If your Catalog pane is not already displayed along side your Map window, click the View tab at the top of the header ribbon, and click Catalog Pane 
    Catalog Pane

  6. In your Catalog Pane, right click Folders, and click Add Folder Connection

  7. Navigate to the folder where you just saved the IGIS_Drone_Data_Directory_Creator_Script, and click OK

  8. In the Catalog Pane, expand the folder that you just connected to, right click the IGIS_Drone_Data_Directory_Creator_Script and click Open Notebook

    A notebook should appear in your ArcGIS Pro window, displaying the script within it

    There are two parts to this script - the top section defines the elements and parameters of the tool, and the bottom section is for the user to input their drone mission information, which will define the directory folder names

  9. In the second section of the script, adjust the following file location and naming parameters as you wish:


  10. Left click somewhere on the top section of the script, so that its edge turns green -> Click Run at the top center of the window, and then click Run again to execute the second section

  11. Navigate to the location where you designated for the script to output your file directory, and explore the file structure


  • If you adjust the sub-project or location settings, and run the scripts again, additional sub folders will be created within the same parent directories

  • This utility will not over-write pre-existing folders

  • If you click ArcGIS Pro's save icon, it will not change any changes to the script

  • For saving changes to the script, you must click the Notebook Save icon
    Notebook Save Icon